Keeping the Lights On

It cannot be ignored that Mother Nature can truly do massive amounts of damage, especially when you least expect it. We are not at the time of year where natural disasters can not only cause damage to your house but entire cities. There have been so many natural disasters lately that have caused billions of dollars in damages, eliminating electricity to millions of people across several states. Losing power at this rate can be extremely difficult, and in some cases, fatal for some. During the winter this can be particularly brutal once Arctic winds come in.

Global warming is a serious issue no matter how you slice it, with snow and ice storms taking power lines out and delaying first responders to aid those affected. I have seen people from the very young to the extremely old affected in situations like this, and without electricity, it is impossible to power devices that we rely on every single day. Knowing all of these potential issues, we have recently begun pricing house generators for the entire home and thus we have been researching the latest ones on the internet and come up with some great finds.

Why should you invest in a generator for the entire house, with the best ones found on Words cannot express enough how important and vital they become in an emergency and unfortunately, you never know when one may occur. Once you have one, you never have to worry about going without power again. Unlike portable versions, a whole house generator can be installed permanently and connected directly to the electric box of your home to provide power that kicks in automatically uninterrupted. This generator is connected directly to your fuel source, whether it is propane, gas, or diesel, allowing you to power your electricity for days if necessary.

With only 20 kilowatts, you can power most homes, and you can possibly even use all of the appliances in your home without compromising energy. It really depends on the size of the house, but with 5,000 watts you can power a small cottage or RV. The best models allow you to power bigger homes and run everything smooth no matter what happens to the power grid. With my family, I think the best generator for our family was the perfect addition to our family.

Here are some others that you should consider purchasing if you want to prepare for any potential power outages.


Generac 6462

This 16,000 watt unit is compact and built for optimal performance, and it only measures approximately 25 x 48 x 29 inches. Also, this model can be shipped quickly and with its mounting pad, you don’t need a concrete base with a metal enclosure that is durable enough for winds up to 150mph. This generator runs on natural or propane gas and is equipped to perform with lower gas pressures as well. With a runtime test of 12 minutes, you can schedule it by the week, every two weeks, or monthly. Those who have purchased it in the past claim that is has been well-constructed, runs quietly and smoothly, with notes to replace the filter and oil every year on it to ensure it runs well. For similar models, check out


What I love about this model is that it is easy to install and run, although those that have never used a generator claim that the manual that it comes with should be more user-friendly and customer service has been described as spotty at times. Having said that, you might want to have a local dealer on standby if necessary, although not many have reported problems with the actual generator itself. But should you invest in this generator, you won’t have to worry about being compromised should you lose electricity for any duration of time.


Briggs & Stratton 40346

This is a powerful option for a portable generator, even it is a bit heavier than most models. But for homes that are mid-sized to large, the Briggs & Stratton is not only reliable but has diagnostic checks each week that are like clockwork. For those DIY people out there, this is one that I would recommend as it is more user-friendly.


Users have noted that you might have to contact local distributors for service contracts and service even, but this can vary. For an easily maintained machine that is reliable and gets the job done, however, no need to look further.

Honey Do List

Now that I have decided to do more projects around the house, my wife is basically assigning me things to do even when I don’t have the necessary tools to do them. Case in point? She wanted me to clean and then paint the garage a while back, but when I told her that my paint sprayer was broken, she did not hesitate to tell me to replace it and then do the job anyway. Granted, I have borrowed spray painters over the years when I needed to, but for this job, I knew that I would need more time which would necessitate doing a bit of research, taking the plunge, and then purchasing one. Luckily, I already had a bit of experience with a few brands, so finding the best one for my projects was not as difficult as it may be for some. The following are a couple of the spray painters I know can get the job done efficiently and are available at affordable prices to fit just about any budget.


HomeRight C800766

As a compact spray painter that can be used anywhere around the house, the HomeRight C800766 is so lightweight and easy to use that you don’t even need any previous experience with spray painters in order to use it. Using low air pressure, you can use this spray painter to paint just about any surface with relative ease. I’ve used it to decorate just about everything around the house from windows to furniture, fences, and much more. There is a trigger control button that allows you to change the ark width from 1 inch up to as many as 6 inches. This model is extremely popular with homeowners and has garnered rave reviews on many sites, especially because of its base price. It only weights 3. 2 pounds, meaning it won’t get too heavy while in use and you will get used to it quickly and with no hassles.

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If you are just a hobbyist and like to paint for fun, you can also use this model as it is simple and versatile. One issue that many may find with this model is that the power cord is not that long, but an extension cord can solve that problem. For the features and virtues that it possesses, the HomeRight C800766 can be the perfect addition to your home and any household projects you have on the horizon.


Wagner Flexio 590

For those homeowners that may be novices when it comes to spray painters and is looking for mobility as well as high efficiency, the Wagner Flexio 590 is a great semi-professional tool that would be a welcome addition to almost any toolbox. It comes with a nozzle that adjusts the width and pattern, and it can be used to paint both vertically and horizontally by using the rotating cap. It is considered by many to be one of the most efficient spray painters available on the market currently and is ideal for both outdoor and indoor painting jobs.

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Thanks to the X-Boost Turbine technology that comes with this model, users get 3 times the power compared to other conventional models. The Wagner Flexio 590 is perfect for covering all types of surfaces in any conditions, with an output of about 8 gallons an hour. This is more than adequate enough for those mid-sized projects. By using the advanced nozzle system, users can adjust patterns and fine-tune finishing touches with ease.


One of the best benefits to this spray painter is the faster finishing speeds, with maintenance requirements kept to a minimum. Clean-up is also a snap – simply use clean water to rinse the container, then place it back, and pull the trigger to clean all the inner tubes. The unit itself should not be washed as it contains electrical parts. This mobile and versatile device is perfectly suited for those that want a premium product in their garage. For those that would like more info on this product, there are loads of reviews online to peruse, but trust me when I say that you cannot go wrong with this version and the price is exceptional.

How to Use a Paint Sprayer

As a bonafide DIY homeowner, I have had the pleasure of working with a lot of tools that I initially knew nothing about but have learned to love using over the years. That includes a paint sprayer, which I think everyone should try at least once to get an experience that they can utilize later. Of course, people assume that it takes a lot of expertise to use these machines, but in actuality, they don’t have to take that much at all. Of course, there are a few things that you should know to ease the process, but once you get the hang of it, you will be well on your way.

As with anything, there are pros and cons associated with using airless paint sprayers. The great thing is that with an airless paint sprayer, you are able to paint twice as fast with those gallons of paint, and if you are looking for a smooth finish, you are almost guaranteed a flawless finish that looks like the work of a true professional. What more could you ask for? With this machine, you can easily paint large areas with little to no hassles.


And how exactly these airless paint sprayers work anyway? Well, they use up to 3,000psi to pump paint through a hose almost like a gun. The tip of the paint sprayer is able to break paint up into tiny droplets in a fan-shaped pattern. You have a few options to play around with when it comes to tips, with the possibilities to use a lacquer, stain, and varnish. With only a bit of practice, you can perfectly finish cabinets, doors, and various kinds of the woodwork with ease. The most beneficial aspect is that you can cover a lot of area in only a small amount of time, making an airless paint sprayer ideal for those larger paint jobs, such as a drywall in a new home or painting a privacy fence that is 500 feet long.

There are, however, some drawbacks that must be taken into consideration as well. First of all, the fine particles don’t all remain stuck to the surface as a large portion ends up drifting in the air, which means you will lose up to 40% of the finish. This all depends on how it is applied. You will also have to set aside additional time to cover up and conceal the areas that you want to remain free of paint, and outdoor painting can be particularly risky. Overspraying can lead to plants and the roof being exposed to paint, or even the car if the wind is an issue. You also have to take a bit of time to flush paint from the hose and pump as well as clean the spray gun. You will also have to recycle solvents that remain from the cleaning process. Despite these cons, having an airless paint sprayer is still recommended for home use and I guarantee that you will love this addition to your tool list.

Shopping for a Washer

Unbeknownst to many people, there are more things to take into consideration when selecting a new washing machine than most people realize. From the size and type, it is important to realize exactly what you should be looking for. I know that most people are not so caught up in dryer and washer machine choices, but if you have a household like mine that does laundry nearly every day, it really is something to really think about. Clothes pile up, need to get washed and folded, ironed, and put away all the time. And, the process has to be repeated so often and so you need to really consider the most effective washer can get things done.

Of course, along with the things you need to know when purchasing a washer, you also have to come to a decision on a budget as these appliances can be quite expensive. Then there are other questions you also have to ask yourself: should they be stacked on top of one another, front or top load, et cetera. Take a bit of advice from me, follow these guidelines and I assure you that you will have a better understanding of how to find the best washer or dryer for your household.


It’s All in the Design


Where the washer and dryer go in your home depends on the type that you purchase as some are designed for smaller spaces and others require substantial space. Stackable options tend to be smaller and some can also be gas or electric, so you have to buy the type that supports your house best. If you have a room set up for a washer and dryer, you may have the option to place them directly next to one another or if you prefer, they can be top-loaded per your preferences. A compact machine can be about 3 cubic feet and are designed to take even larger moments, even those large comforters. Top-loaders are in general less expensive, while front-loaders are gentler, more efficient, and usually clean better.


Top-loaders come with washing bins that are deeper, but for shorter people, it is harder to reach clothes. If you cannot reach them reliably, then a top-loader may not be the best option for you. Another benefit is that top-loaders can even handle those higher spin speeds easily. Plus, it takes must less time to dry clothes.

Front-load machines are more expensive and thus come with far more features than basic models. Most come with sensors and also have drawers where you can store fabric softener and detergent. These models cast about $250 more as they are not in the base price, and so there’s another $500 to consider if you want it. Occasionally, however, you can find discounts on these washers and dryers, but you really have to look if you want to catch these special deals. At the end of the day, you want to get enough information as possible before investing in equipment that you will need to work reliably several times a week.