Application of stem cell technology


The application of stem cell technology in the treatment of diseases and various clinical studies has seen tremendous results realized. Scientists began studying how stem cells could be used to treat diseases about five decades ago.
Today, they are applied in the treatment of cancers, especially those that requires a high dose of chemotherapy. The stem cells of the patient are harvested from peripheral blood or the bone marrow before chemotherapy, stored temporarily and later transplanted after treatment. This is done in order to reduce the after effects of aggressive chemo and to facilitate the growth of destroyed cells.
Aside from cancer, many people with common diseases such as arthritis, which is in the class of neurodegenerative diseases, dementia, diabetes, stroke, or cardiac infarction are treated every year thanks to this technology.
The remarkable progress that researchers are making in the field of stem cells represents a huge stride towards achieving more applications. It can be estimated that by 2025, they will be able to produce a wide array of organoid, organs and tissue from stem cells.